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1. What terms are involved in the administration of estates?
2. When should a will be probated, or, if there is no will, when should a personal representative be appointed?
3. Who inherits the property of an intestate (person dying without a will)?
4. How long does it take to probate a will or appoint a personal representative on an intestate's estate?
5. Is it always necessary to have someone qualify as a personal representative on a decedent's estate?
6. Who will qualify as an executor under a will?
7. Who has jurisdiction to qualify administrators on a decedent's estate in Virginia?
8. Where should I go to qualify as a personal representative on someone's estate?
9. What information must I have available at the time of qualification?
10. What are the basic duties of a fiduciary (executor or personal representative)?
11. Is an executor or administrator compensated?
12. Is this everything I need to know about administering estates?
13. What must a personal representative do to have a will admitted to probate?
14. What taxes and fees are associated with probate?