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E911 FOIA Request Form

  1. Freedom of Information Act
    We will use the information you provide to try and locate the requested information. 911 records are generally stored by address or phone number and not by names. If we have additional questions to find the requested information we will contact you. There is a minimal cost for the time and materials needed to provide the information.
  3. if known
  4. if known
  5. if known
  6. Phone number for phone used to report incident (if known)
  7. Request Delivery Address
    where would you like us to send the information you are requesting?
  8. Email is preferred contact method
  9. Instructions
    Please describe below the information you are requesting with as much detail as possible to ensure we provide you the correct information. If there is additional information not captured in the choices above (multiple dates, times, etc) please indicate that here.
  10. Please be as specific as possible
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