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Application For Stormwater Utility Credit for a Single Family Residence

  1. NOTE:
    Applications for Stormwater Utility Fee credits received by the City on or before January 1 will post along with the Real Estate Tax bill due the following October. Applications received after January 1 will post the year after.
  2. Parcel Information
    Enter information about the property requesting a Stormwater Utility Fee Credit.
  3. Find your Tax ID on the City GIS:
  4. Owner Information
    Enter information of the owner of the property.
  5. Types of BMP
    Select BMPs applied to parcel below. Include photos with application. *Please note - the maximum credit possible per parcel is 50%.
  6. Category: Level 1 (10% Credit per BMP)
    Select all that apply.
  7. If "Trees" selected above as a credit, list the percentage of lot coverage below. See credit manual on how to calculate.
  8. Lawn Maintenance
    If "Lawn Maintenance" selected above, choose the 3 practices below to be implemented.
  9. If "Other" selected above, describe the practice implemented.
  10. Category: Level 2 (25% Credit per BMP)
    A site plan is required for each option below.
  11. Electronic Signature Agreement
    In signing and filing this application, the undersigned; 1) represents that the BMPs as identified above have been installed or implemented on the property in conformance with the Stormwater Utility Fee Credit Manual for Single Family Residential Properties and the Roanoke Stormwater Ideabook; 2) acknowledges and agrees that (a) maintenance and implementation will be performed in accordance with the Roanoke Stormwater Ideabook and (b) a failure to maintain or properly install the BMP's will result in a revocation of the credit applied to the property; and 3) expressly authorizes the City of Roanoke and its employees, agents, and contractors to enter my property for the purpose of inspecting and verifying the existence and functionality of the BMPs mentioned above with the understanding that any such inspection will be conducted during the hours of 8:00am to 4:00pm during the work week.
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