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  1. Because the City of Roanoke is a Municipality, the State of Virginia § code15.2-209 states that: "Every claim cognizable against any county, city or town for negligence shall be forever barred unless the claimant or his agent, attorney, or representative has filed a written statement of the nature of the claim." In submitting your claim, include the following information:
  2. Your Name, Address, and a Phone Number where we can reach you.
  3. Give as many details as possible in the words of the claimant.
  4. State the exact date of the occurrence and an approximate time.
  5. State the exact location of the incident: physical address, street names, mile markers, landmarks.
  6. Uploads
    To aid in sustaining your claim you may provide photos of the exact location and surrounding areas so that the area can be easily identified by using the following links.
  7. Provide a statement asking that the City of Roanoke pay for damages.
  8. Have you contacted your insurance?
    Check one. If Yes, then your insurance provider must file this claim on your behalf. If No, then proceed with filing your claim here.
  9. Provide repair estimates and/or receipts on a company's letter.
  10. Provide a copy of the Accident or Police Report if available.
  11. The claimant has six (6) months from the date of the incident to file the claim against the City of Roanoke. Make sure that all of your above information is correct and complete.
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