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Neighborhood Development Grant Project FINAL REPORT


  1. 1. Step One
  2. 2. Please provide answers to the following ten (10) questions
  • Step One

    1. Neighborhood Development Grant Project Final Report
      A Final Report on your Neighborhood Development Grant project is required and due upon completion of your project.

      The following questions are intended to help you capture your experience. Please be candid and reflective as you share your successes, challenges, and difficulties. This information helps us promote successful neighborhood ventures, and it also helps in planning for future grant needs.

      Please note: This Final Report is required and not optional.

      Completion of your project as well as the quality, timeliness, and thoroughness of your documentation will influence how a request from your group will be evaluated for future Neighborhood Development Grant funding. Also, keep in mind that an oral report is required to the RNA as well. The oral presentation should expand on the information provided in this written report as well as provide pictures or other visual aides as necessary to best communicate the outcomes of your project.
    2. A. Refer to your grant contract as the source for the following information:
    3. B. Contact information of person completing this report: