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City of Roanoke Parks and Arts Visual and Performing Arts Application


  1. 1. Overview and Personal Information
  2. 2. Visual Artist Applicants
  3. 3. Performing Artist Applicants
  4. 4. Dates I am available to participate and fees for service provided
  5. 5. References (Please provide three (3) professional references)
  6. 6. Disclaimer & Signature
  • Overview and Personal Information

    1. The Roanoke Arts Commission in partnership with the Roanoke Symphony Orchestra will be presenting performing and visual arts in Roanoke's neighborhood parks during the summer of 2016. The project called "Parks and Arts: Celebrating Roanoke Neighborhoods" currently has funding to support five (5) neighborhood park venues although additional funding sources are being sought. The Roanoke Symphony Orchestra will oversee contracting, payment and delivery of services.

      Individuals and groups interested in being selected to participate will need to complete and submit the application below adhering to the criteria of each. The Roanoke Arts Commission will be seeking a wide diversity of visual and performing artists for this year's summer program.

      Application review and selection will be made by a committee appointed by the Roanoke Arts Commission. Committee members will, in part, be comprised of experienced performers, city staff and neighborhood representatives.

      Applications are due by close of business on Monday, February 15, 2016.