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New Business Building and Zoning Verification

  1. Thank you for establishing a new business in Roanoke!
    This form is the start the process of making sure your new business will comply with local building and zoning codes. We want to make your experience as simple and easy as possible. Let's get started with the basic information first.
  2. Now let's get some information about how to contact you.
  3. When you apply using this online form, email will be the primary way we communicate with you.
  4. Tell us about what you'll be doing as part of your new business (i.e., retail sales, providing services, manufacturing, etc.)
  5. What happens next
    When you hit the submit button, we'll start by looking up the zoning to make sure your business activity is permitted in the zoning district of your new location. Then we'll check to see if the building has a Certificate of Occupancy that permits your new business.
  6. Change of Use
    If your new business is not permitted by the Certificate of Occupancy, of if there is no certificate, a Change of Use process may be triggered. You will need to have a design professional, such as an architect, assess the building for a new certificate. Structural modifications to the building may be required.
  7. Zoning Approvals
    Your new business may require additional zoning approvals, such as a special exception issued by the Board of Zoning Appeals. Your new business location may also be subject to different site requirements such as additional landscaping or changes to parking areas.
  8. Fees
    There are no fees associated with this check. There will be other permit fees if you need a new Certificate of Occupancy or if you need to make changes to the site.
  9. Conclusion
    Once you have building and zoning approvals, you'll get a verification so you can obtain a business license from the Commissioner of the Revenue Office.
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