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Online Personal Property Tax Registration

  1. Please use the following form to register an airplane, boat/personal watercraft, boat motor, boat trailer, car, camping trailer, mobile home, motorcycle, motor home, truck, or utility trailer that is located in the city of Roanoke. If your browser does not support forms, you can send email to the office or call 540-853-2521 with the information requested below.

  2. Upon receipt of your information, you will be mailed an invoice for the appropriate personal property tax and license tax.

  3. Enter the name of the taxpayer, business, or leasing company that is the primary owner of the personal property.
  4. Enter the address where the personal property is garaged.
  5. Enter the mailing address of the taxpayer, business, or leasing company that owns the personal property.
  6. Type of Vehicle Use
  7. Enter the manufacturer of the personal property.
  8. Enter the manufacturer's model of the personal property.
  9. Enter the manufacture year of the personal property.
  10. Enter the Vehicle Id Number
  11. Enter date on which the personal property was purchased.
  12. Enter the date on which the personal property was moved into the City of Roanoke, if different from the date of purchase.
  13. If the personal property was moved into the city of Roanoke, enter the city or county and state from which it was moved.
  14. For a car, enter the empty weight. This number can be found on the DMV registration card and is designated by 'EW.' Enter the gross weight in pounds for all other types of personal property, i.e. the weight when fully loaded to rated capacity.
  15. If the gross weight exceeds 10,000 pounds, enter the cost of the personal property, including all added accessories but excluding any sales tax or federal excise tax paid on the purchase price
  16. Dimensions
    Enter the length and width of the personal property for trailers and mobile homes only.
  17. Enter the fuel type as indicated on your DMV record.
  18. Motorcycles only.
  19. Boats and boat motors only.
  20. Motor Type
    Boats only.
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