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City Clerk

  1. Request Form for Mayor/City Council Member to attend an event

    PLEASE NOTE: Completion of this form does not confirm attendance of the Mayor or any City Council Member at your event. A staff person... More…


    Proclamations, certificates, congratulatory letters and keys to the City are ceremonial in nature and are issued by the Mayor and... More…

City Council

  1. Application for Appointment

    Application for Appointment to a Council-appointed authority, board, commission or committee. All appointments shall be at the... More…

  1. Sign-up Form to Speak Before Roanoke City Council

    Note: PLEASE READ When filling out this form, you must indicate the exact phone number that will be used to call into the Council... More…

Clean and Green

  1. Citizens For Clean & Green Volunteer Sign-Up

    Are you Interested in helping in the community to promote green and environmental practices? If so, join the Citizens for Clean &... More…

  1. Plastic Bag Tax Informational Zoom Meetings

    For citizens and businesses in the City of Roanoke to get information and ask questions about the plastic bag tax.

COVID19 Resources

  1. Faith Based Community Contact form

    Let us know how your Faith Based Organization is preparing to reopen and also let us know if you have questions about keeping your... More…

Development Services

  1. New Business Building and Zoning Verification

    Start the process to confirm your new business meets building and zoning code requirements. This approval is required before you can be... More…


  1. Emergency Preparedness Questionnaire

    Emergency Operation Planning with training opportunities for Faith Based Organizations or Community Based Organizations.

  2. Request a Public Education Event

    Roanoke Fire-EMS offers a wide variety of public education events ranging from fire station tours to fire truck visits. Please fill... More…

  1. Request a Free Smoke Alarm

    Roanoke Fire-EMS offers free smoke alarms to homeowners who are unable to purchase them on their own, based on availability. To... More…


  1. Interlibrary Loan Request Form
  2. Interlibrary Loan Request Form - Books
  3. Interlibrary Loan Request Form - Video
  1. Interlibrary Loan Request Form - Article
  2. Interlibrary Loan Request Form - Microfilm
  3. Small Business 1 on 1 Consultation Request

    The Roanoke Public Libraries recently launched a program to provide free 1-on-1 consultations for local entrepreneurs. Whether you have... More…

Neighborhood Services

  1. Application for Appointment to Roanoke Neighborhood Advocates
  2. FY 2019 2020 Neighborhood Development Grant Project Interim Report
  3. Neighborhood Development Grant program PAYMENT REQUEST
  4. Organize a Neighborhood Watch Group
  5. Scoop the Poop Yardsign-All signs have been claimed

    Thank You! All signs have been claimed.

  1. City of Roanoke Neighborhood Development Grant Application

    The City of Roanoke's Office of Neighborhood Services, is proud to offer the Neighborhood Development Grant Program. Funded by City... More…

  2. National Night Out Event Registration
  3. Neighborhood Development Grant Project FINAL REPORT
  4. Roanoke Neighborhood Advocates (RNA) Advocacy Petition

    The RNA Advocacy petition is a method by which citizens and neighborhood groups can request the RNA to advocate a particular issue on... More…

Planning, Building, & Development

  1. Permit Submission Form

    Form to allow uploading of completed permit application forms and supporting documents

  2. Request Program Information

    Please submit the following form to request program information.

  1. Permitting Inquiry

    Form to request assistance on a permitting or development issue.


  1. Citizen Concerns
  2. Hire an Off-Duty Police Officer
  3. Police Business Contacts and After Hours Resources Information
  4. Roanoke Citizen Police Academy Application
  5. Start a Neighborhood Watch Group
  1. FOIA Records Request Form (Police Department Only)

    Freedom of Information Act and Records Requests for the Roanoke Police Department

  2. Join the Star City Business Watch
  3. Police Presentation Speaker and Public Safety Training Request Form

    Community request form to inquire about public safety training and/or a Roanoke Police Department presentation speaker.

  4. Roanoke Police Department Property Check
  5. Traffic Accident Report Request Form

    Traffic Accident Report Requests for the Roanoke Police Department

Public Works

  1. Application for New Curbing and Sidewalk Improvements

    This application is not for repairs to existing curbing and sidewalk.


  1. Surplus Declaration Form

    Please complete all of the information below.

  1. W-9 Form


  1. Application to Serve as Officer of Election

    If you are interested in serving as an officer of election, please complete the form below. All officers must be qualified Virginia... More…

Risk Management


    Because the City of Roanoke is a Municipality, the State of Virginia 15.2-209 states that: "Every claim cognizable against any county,... More…

  1. Event Accommodations Request Form

Sheriff's Office

  1. Contact the Roanoke Sheriff's Department

    If you have a question for the Roanoke City Sheriff's Department, please fill out the form below.

Solid Waste

  1. Physically Challenged Collection Application

    This form is for residents who desire to apply for collection of their trash and recycling at a standard location on their property... More…


  1. 2020 Roanoke Prepareathon Vendor Registration Form

    The City of Roanoke is seeking vendors to showcase their organization while educating the public about flood preparedness and recovery... More…

  2. Application For Stormwater Utility Credit for a Single Family Residence
  3. Septic Form

    Form for septic system reporting.

  1. Application for assistance with Green Infrastructure Projects
  2. Parental Consent and Release Form

    Municipal volunteer program parental consent and release form. Parental consent and release of liability for minor.

  3. Volunteer Application and Release from Liability

    Municipal volunteer program volunteer application and release from liability.


  1. E911 FOIA Request Form
  2. Emergency Contact

    Provide contact information for your business to be used in case we need to make contact with you in case of an emergency.

  1. E911 Marcus Alert Voluntary Database form

    In accordance with Virginia Law, the City of Roanoke provides this form allowing citizens to submit information into a voluntary... More…

  2. Media Training Survey


  1. Emergency Action Plan

    An Emergency Action Plan form for Public Assemblies

  2. Permit Application for Public Assembly

    For public assembly, e.g., Parade, Festival, Block Party, Distance Run/Walk, or other group assemblies, on City streets, alleys,... More…

  1. Event Feedback Form

    City of Roanoke, Transportation Division Special Events Office


  1. Change of Address

    Citizen report of change of address.

  2. Notification of Mortgage Satisfaction

    To avoid the 10 percent late penalty, please notify the City Treasurer's Office if your mortgage has been satisfied and your taxes are... More…

  1. Email to Treasurer

    Routes email to the appropriate individual/department.