How do I successfully build a neighborhood organization?
Building and creating a successful Neighborhood Crime Watch or Neighborhood Association is about learning the best way to plan and work with your neighbors to get things done. You always accomplish more when you work together in a group. For example, when the Fleming Court neighborhood was having trouble with a property in their neighborhood where residents were selling drugs at all times of the day and night, they organized a Neighborhood Crime Watch and in partnership with Roanoke police were able to eliminate the activity taking place. When the Williamson Road residents were having trouble with flooding in their basements years ago, they got together, took a survey, and presented evidence of their problem to city administration and City Council. With proof of the problem in hand - how many people had flooded basements, how often, where, etc. - the city acted quickly to resolve the issue.

In both examples, had individual neighbors called the city - one then another – resolution of the issue may have taken longer as it may have appeared it only affected 1 or 2 individuals as opposed to affecting many. Being organized and documenting their complaints as a group made the difference.

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