Who participates on the local teams?
The CPMT is made up of at least 1 elected or appointed official or his designee and the agency heads or their designees from the local Department of Social Services, School System, Community Services Board (mental health), Court Services Unit (juvenile justice), local Health Department, a parent and, where appropriate, a private provider. This team holds administrative and fiscal responsibility for the local-funds pool, develops local policies and procedures, and appoints members of the Family Assessment and Planning Team.

The Family Assessment and Planning Team (FAPT) is comprised of the supervisory-level staff from the same agencies as the CPMT as well as the parent and private providers. These teams work with the families to develop the Individual Family Services Plan (IFSP). If the services needed are beyond what is available in the participating agencies and there are no other family or community resources available, the team may choose to purchase them with local CSA pool funds.

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1. What is the Children’s Services Act (CSA) for at-risk youth and families?
2. How did the Children’s Services Act get started?
3. Who manages the money at the local level?
4. Who participates on the local teams?
5. Which children may be served by the teams?
6. Are these the only children who may be served?
7. How do children and families access the teams?