Is the police academy difficult?
The Police Academy is challenging academically and physically but not difficult for those willing to work hard and study.

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1. How old must I be to become a police officer?
2. What is on the written test for police officers?
3. Will I need to study for the written test?
4. Can I reschedule the written test?
5. How is the agility test graded?
6. Will a degree help me in the application process?
7. Will I need a degree to become a police officer?
8. What is the agility test composed of?
9. Is the police academy difficult?
10. Will I have to live at the Police Academy?
11. What happens after I graduate from the Police Academy?
12. What shifts do officers work?
13. Will I be required to live in the City of Roanoke?
14. How long will it take to be considered for specialized duty such as Vice, SWAT or K-9?