Who can purchase property at a tax sale?
The auctions are held open to the public. Anyone can bid on a property. Bidders may include adjacent property owners, neighborhood organizations, Community Development Corporations, investors or other interested parties. Bidders are encouraged to have all real estate taxes, personal property taxes, business license fees, meals taxes, lodgings or admissions taxes, whether as an individual, company, corporation or partnership, paid in full. Bidders are also encouraged to have any outstanding environmental code, building code or zoning code Notices of Violation remedied prior to bidding. Please note: Any successful or highest bidder with weed abatements or demolition abatements, inoperable vehicle violations, vacant or derelict board up house violations, court citing violations and other code violations, unpaid assessments as well as delinquent taxes will be disqualified and the sale will be offered to the next highest bidder. For additional information, view our bidder qualification page.

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1. Who can purchase property at a tax sale?
2. If I purchase a property at a tax sale, will I receive title to the property?
3. If I purchase a property which is encumbered by a mortgage, taxes or weed abatement liens, am I responsible for these debts?
4. If I purchase a property at a tax sale, do I have to pay the back taxes?
5. If I purchase a property at a tax sale, can the owner come back later and reclaim the property?
6. What is the minimum bid I should expect to pay?
7. Does the City of Roanoke offer a financing program or discounts?
8. If I purchase property at an auction and later become dissatisfied with the property, can I cancel my bid and get a refund of the deposit or purchase price?
9. What type of deed do I receive following confirmation of the sale?
10. Will I be able to get title insurance on a property I purchase at an auction?
11. Can a previous property owner reclaim property after I have purchased it at the auction?