When and where are the auctions held?
Tax auctions are usually conducted the Jefferson Center located in downtown Roanoke. However, auctions may be held at the courthouse or at other locations as announced on this website. The auction may be held indoors or outdoors. The exact date, time, and location of the auction can be determined from the Notice of Sale published in the local newspaper or on our website.

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1. When and where are tax auctions advertised?
2. Are auctions advertised in the newspaper?
3. When and where are the auctions held?
4. How often are auctions held?
5. Where are the auctions held?
6. How can I obtain a listing of properties?
7. What qualifies a property for tax sale?
8. What types of properties are sold at auction?
9. How do I find more information about the properties being offered at an auction?
10. How can I keep my property from being sold?
11. If I pay the delinquent taxes on a property, do I have legal ownership of that property?
12. How can I get a list of all tax delinquent properties in the City of Roanoke?
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