What is the Stormwater Design Manual?
The Manual includes detailed provisions for the design and construction of stormwater management facilities and is incorporated by reference in the Stormwater Management Ordinance. The manual serves 2 primary purposes. First, it provides a detailed description of the process and requirements for the submittal, review and approval of stormwater management plans as well as requirements for the long-term maintenance of storm water management facilities. The manual includes plan review checklists and standard forms and language for the various agreements required by the ordinance. Secondly, it provides a compilation of design criteria and guidelines for common stormwater management facilities that are constructed or anticipated to be constructed in the city. These guidelines will be used by city staff to review and approve Stormwater Management Plans.

The Design Manual incorporates elements of the Virginia Stormwater Management Handbook published by DEQ in 1999 which serves as its primary guidance for SWM programs. Basing the manual on the DEQ Handbook and other recognized sources helps to assure consistency between the city’s local program and state requirements.

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1. Why did the city develop the current stormwater ordinance?
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3. What is the Stormwater Design Manual?
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