Why did the city develop the current stormwater ordinance?
The Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) is required by the Virginia Stormwater Management Law and Virginia Stormwater Management Regulations (VSWML&R) to regulate land development activities to prevent water pollution, stream channel erosion, depletion of groundwater resources, and more frequent localized flooding to protect property values and natural resources. These regulations require localities (e.g., the City of Roanoke) to establish a local program to regulate the same in their jurisdiction.

The city implements its own program through the proposed Stormwater Management Ordinance and Stormwater Management Design Manual. The advantage of a local program for property owners and developers are as follows: review of the stormwater management practices performed by the same staff that is reviewing the overall development plan and offers a single point of contact for permitting of land disturbing activities.

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1. Why did the city develop the current stormwater ordinance?
2. How was the current ordinance developed?
3. What is the Stormwater Design Manual?
4. What activities are covered by the current ordinance?