What should be included on the asset list?
Business personal property tax includes items that have been purchased by the business to use, or have with the intent to use, to operate any aspect of the business. Taxable assets include items that have been received free of charge, as a gift, or personal items that have been brought from home to use in the business. Taxpayer property includes items that have been fully depreciated for income tax purposes regardless of age. The fixed asset list should include every item in the business - not just new purchases or items recently received. Taxable items include but are not limited to equipment, vacuum cleaners, sanders, hand tools, saws, climbing equipment, ropes, electric tools, ladders, yard tools, mowers, pressure washers, air compressors, tripods, cameras, lenses, film developing equipment, hair styling equipment, massage tables, hot stones, movable shelves and racks, baby cribs, play pens, toys, kitchen utensils, kitchen appliances, linens, filing cabinets, desks, chairs, wall pictures and hangings, lamps, furniture, decorations, storage cabinets, heaters, fans, photocopiers, fax machines, calculators, digital cameras, lap top computers, and computer equipment excluding software packages.

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