Accounting, Payroll, and Systems


215 Church Ave
Roanoke, VA 24011

Name Title Email Phone
Vacant , Vacant Accounting and Systems Manager    
Talley, Mary Accounting Supervisor 540-853-6485
Surgeon, Michelle Senior Accountant 540-853-5205
Vacant, Vacant Senior Accountant    
Gallian, Brett Revenue Analyst 540-853-1569
Weddle, Rebecca Accounts Payable Coordinator 540-853-5851
Bowers, Jennifer Account Technician 540-853-2826
Baxi, Ami Account Technician 540-853-2063
Mabes, Maryna Accountant 540-853-1169
Yemey, Akouete Accountant 540-853-2823
Reinartsen, Erik Accountant 540-853-6806
Payroll, Payroll Payroll   540-853-2038
Barnett, Suzanne Payroll Supervisor 540-853-2038
Altice, Connie Senior Payroll Technician 540-853-2038
Mitchell, Rhonda Payroll Technician 540-853-2038
Clay, Bettie Senior Financial Systems Accountant 540-853-2822
Murray-Burns, Autum Financial Systems Technician 540-853-1643
Lancaster, Angela Financial Systems Accountant 540-853-5221