Planning, Building, & Development


215 Church Avenue, S.W.
Room 166 South
Roanoke, VA 24011


Link: Planning, Building, and Development Page

Name Title Email Phone
Carr, Tina Planning Coordinator 540-853-1330
Gardner, Brittany City Planner 540-853-1139
Gray, Katharine Land Use and Urban Design Planner 540-853-1502
Leftwich, Wayne Senior City Planner 540-853-1104
Moosavi, Parviz Historic Preservation Planner 540-853-1522
Moore, Phillip Zoning Administrator 540-853-1334
Papa Moore, Jillian Acting Director 540-853-5808
Kleinhenz, Karl City Planner 540-853-5647
Aker, Lindsay Administrative Assistant 540-853-1146

Lead Safe Roanoke 

215 Church Avenue, S.W.
Room 208 North
Roanoke, VA 24011



Link: Lead Safe Roanoke Page

Name Title Email Phone
Boehling , Chris Site Coordinator 540 853 5682
Robertson, Marla Education and Outreach Specialist 540-853-5852
Kennedy, Katherine Program Manager 540-853-5841

Building Safety 

215 Church Avenue, S.W .
Room 170 South
Roanoke, VA 24011


Name Title Email Phone
Holland, Neil Building Commissioner 540-853-1117
Hahn, Tommy Deputy Building Commissioner 540-853-1227
Bowles, Mark Deputy Building Commissioner 540-853-1891
Childress, Darryl Plans Examiner I 540-853-6877
Haley, Frank Combination Inspector 1 540-537-8346
Yager, Will Combination Inspector 2 (540)537-0917
Corvin, Matt Combination Inspector 1 540-537-8321
Crosby, Bryan Combination Inspector 2 (540)853-1614

Code Enforcement 

215 Church Avenue, S.W.
Room 312 North
Roanoke, VA 24011



Link: Code Enforcement Page

Name Title Email Phone
Boehling, Chris Codes Compliance Inspector II 540-853-1732
Coles, Troy Codes Compliance Inspector I 540-853-1446
Crawford, Dale Codes Compliance Inspector II 540-853-1049
Davis, Adrian Codes Compliance Inspector I 540-853-1052
English, Jackie Administrative Assistant III 540-853-1442
Gray, Jim Codes Compliance Inspector I 540-853-6468
Langston, Steve Codes Compliance Coordinator 540-853-6465
Morgan, Nancy Codes Compliance Inspector II 540-853-1337
Reaves, Kyle Administrative Assistant III 540-853-6589
Robinson, Amanda Administrative Assistant III 540-853-1687
Sexton, Daryell Codes Compliance Inspector II 540-853-6469
Sisson, Craig Codes Compliance Inspector II 540-853-6855
VACANT, Codes Compliance Inspector 540-853-1451
Scott, Stacey Administrative Assistant III 540-853-2344
Villaseñor, Victor Codes Compliance Inspector II 540-853-1686
Webb, Dan Codes Compliance Administrator 540-853-1046
Wilson, Brad Codes Compliance Inspector I 540-853-1231
White, Jeffery Codes Compliance Coordinator 540-853-5250
Young, Brenda Codes Compliance Business Coordinator 540-853-1689

Planning Commission 
Link: Planning Commission Page

Name Title Email Phone
Atwood, Karri B. Member 804-502-6445
Carr, Tina M. Secretary to the Planning Commission 540-853-1730
Glenn, Sarah Member 540-857-3285
Hale, Kermit "Kit" Member 540-989-4555
Smith, James E. Member 540-315-5081
Martin, III, Frank C. Member 540-857-5840
Smith, Pamela Member 540-818-5405
Leftwich, Wayne Agent 540-853-1104
Terry-Cabbler, Scott Member 540-339-7990

Permit Center 

215 Church Avenue, S.W.
Room 170 South
Roanoke, VA 24011


Link: Permit Center page

Name Title Email Phone
Staten, Valerie Permit Center Coordinator 540-853-2497
Swain, Steven Permit Technician III 540-853-1887
Parker, Sonja Permit Technician I 540-853-6874
Carter, Gail Permit Technician I 540-853-6878

Architectural Review Board 
Link: Architectural Review Board Page

Name Title Email Phone
Swain, Shawn Member 434-906-4364
Gutshall, Katherine V. Member 540-342-5263
Hume, William "Bill" Member 540-342-7534
Kepley, Drew Member 540-986-5953
Moosavi, Parviz Agent 540-853-1522
Mason, Bill Member 540-265-3308
Alam, Husain Member 540-966-3635
Earl, Kevin Member 540-556-8228

Board of Zoning Appeals 
Link: Board of Zoning Appeals Page

Name Title Email Phone
Alphin, Valeria Member 540-998-4046
Calloway, Antwyne U. Member 540-627-1012
Carr, Tina M. Secretary to the Board of Zoning Appeals 540-853-1730
Moore, Phillip Zoning Administrator 540-853-2346
Musselwhite, Bryan A. Member 540-855-3654
McGee, Amanda Member 540-641-0521
Vail, Chris Member 540-655-3624
Wolfe, Betty Jean Member 215-837-9168
Varney, Jason Member 540-793-4384

Development Review 

215 Church Avenue, SW
Room 170 - Permit Center
Roanoke, VA 24011


Link: Development Review Page

Name Title Email Phone
Gilbert, Adrian Development Program Administrator 540-853-1730
Richardson, Ken Development Engineer I 540-853-2733
Cypher, Aaron Development Review Engineer 540-853-6501
Corbett, Winston Development Inspector 540-537-8389
Eakin, Robert Development Inspector 540-537-8341
Dean, Brooke Development Inspector 540-580-9542

Planning, Building, and Development 

215 Church Avenue, S.W.
Room 166 South
Roanoke, VA 24011


Link: Planning, Building, and Development Page

Community Resources 
Link: Community Resources Page

Name Title Email Phone
Holland, Keith Community Resources Program Administrator 540-853-6404
Burleson, Lara Community Resources Program Specialist II 540-853-5681
Browning, Hope Community Resources Specialist l 540-853-6879
Calloway, Antwyne Planner l 540-853-2346
Nunez, Raquel Administrative Assistant lll 540-853-5280