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We do too, so remember to Scoop the Poop!

The City of Roanoke Stormwater Division is dedicated to reducing the amount of bacteria entering our waterways. One method to achieve this goal is to encourage pet owners to
"Scoop the Poop."

There are approximately 7,000 dogs in the City of Roanoke, creating around 824,000 lbs of poop every year. That is enough to fill 34 dump truck loads or if you can image that is the same weight as one Boeing 747! That is a lot of bacteria that could be kept our of our streams! The City of Roanoke Stormwater Division along with the Parks and Recreation and Department are installing Mutt-Mitt stations around the city to make it convenient for pet owners to grab a bag and dispose of pet waste properly. We all want our waterways to be healthy and we certainly do not want to step in it, so please pick-up after your pet. 

Roanoke Stormwater is also partnering with local businesses to provide better and accessible locations for Mutt-Mitts. Recently Garland Properties worked with Roanoke Stormwater to encourage local residents to keep the streets and sidewalks clean by cleaning up after their pet. They installed two Mutt-Mitt stations downtown and distributed portable pet waste dispensers to residents. Aaron Garland, owner of Garland Properties, states "living in a small city makes it easy to know and communicate with your neighbors, city workers, and elected officials, and to allow you to easily effect change and solve local problems. This is one of the things that makes Roanoke a great place to live."

How can Roanoke Stormwater encourage others in your area to "Scoop the Poop?" Having a neighborhood, PTA, or church meeting? Roanoke Stormwater would like to be part of your next meeting in continuing to help educate others on water quality issues. Email Roanoke Stormwater today and invite us to your next meeting. Be part of the solution not the pollution. Together, we can create a Clean Water Legacy!

Only rain down the stormdrain.

If it's in our streets, it's in our streams. 

Join the Adopt-A-Street Program

As part of the City of Roanoke's "Clean and Green" initiative, civic and community groups, business organizations, and even families have joined the "Adopt-A-Street" Program to help reduce litter along the roadways, reducing trash from entering our waterways and making a major contribution towards the city's overall appearance and beautification efforts. 

Clean and Green
Cleaner & Healthier Environment
“Adopt-A-Street” participants tangibly demonstrate civic pride for their communities by contributing to a cleaner and healthier environment, and also contribute to our overall economic development. The activity of volunteers picking up litter and the signs also serve as impressive reminders to the public not to litter the roadways or ignore the environment.

Community Commitment
The “Adopt-A-Street” Program allows participants to make a 2 year commitment to collect litter along selected streets 4 times a year. The City of Roanoke recognizes the participants’ commitment and concern for the environment with professional signage at each end of their designated area which identifies the group responsible for the clean-up of that particular roadway. The City provides 33-gallon orange trash bags and the use of High-Visibility Safety Vests.

Get Involved
Organizations interested in the “Adopt-A-Street” Program may become involved by contacting the City of Roanoke Transportation Division or the Municipal Volunteer Program (MVP), and begin by completing an “Adopt-A-Street” permit form. This permit allows the group members to pick up litter within the right-of-way of their designated area. For more information please email the Municipal Volunteer Coordinator or call 540-853-1801.

Become a Roanoke Riverkeeper

Join the Citizen Science Water Monitoring Program

Do you love being outside? Are you fascinated by nature? Are you concerned about the health of your local watershed? Remember how fun it was to play in the creek as a kid? Consider becoming a volunteer stream monitor!

Volunteer Stream Monitoring
The Roanoke Stormwater Division Clean Valley Council and the Upper Roanoke River Roundtable  are partnering to create a citizen science water monitoring program. Focusing on the health of the Roanoke River and its tributaries, community members will engage in local streams and become part of the solution in achieving clean water. As a volunteer you will monitor streams by taking samples of benthic macroinvertebrates to determine the ecological health for the section of stream that is sampled. 

You do not have to be a scientist to be a stream monitor; just be willing to learn and have fun! 

An informational meeting to learn more about this program will be hosted at the Raleigh Court Branch Library, February 28th at 6:30 pm. Sign-up today and bring a friend to learn more about how you can participate in creating a Clean Water Legacy!

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Be part of the solution, not the pollution. Together, we can create a Clean Water Legacy!
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