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Jul 31

Roanoke People

Posted on July 31, 2019 at 10:45 AM by Melinda Mayo

Last week I had three very different reminders of the fact that Roanoke is made up of individual and wonderful people.  This post is intended to illuminate that reality.

A Husband, a Daughter, a Friend, a Police Officer

A married U.S. Air Force veteran, a JMU grad and lifelong resident of Roanoke, and the son of a veteran City of Roanoke police officer.  These were just three of the individuals graduating from the 77th Basic Roanoke Police Academy this past week.  In total, 10 new officers graduated and will now begin their field training assignments.  This field of 10 included long-term Roanoke residents and recent transplants from elsewhere—two women, eight men.  These individuals bring with them the hopes, dreams, worries, and pride of each of their friends and families, just like any of us would when embarking on a new chapter of our lives.

Individual and Group Prayers

More than 200 people gathered last week in Melrose Park for individual and group prayers that the violence that plagues our City, as in so many other cities, would stop. Their plea was “guns down, prayers up.”  These individuals came from all across the City—black, white, young, and old—all for same purpose: To lift up our City and those individuals who have been impacted by gun violence, and to continue seeking peace and hope.

Love in the Southeast

Over this past weekend, hundreds gathered in Southeast Roanoke’s Belmont Park to celebrate some of our great neighborhoods.  The Love Southeast Fest has become an annual opportunity for residents of, and visitors to, neighborhoods such as Belmont, Morningside, and Fallon to come together, have some fun, and get to know one another better.  There were stilt-walkers, bouncy houses, ice cream, and music, along with fellowship and conversation.

Each of these experiences, though very different from one another, illustrate that our City is made up of wonderful individuals willing to serve their community, pray for its future, and join together to share.  Each of these illustrates that though we may come from different parts of the City and have differing life experiences, we are still a father, a mother, a son, a daughter, a friend, a co-worker, a leader, a supporter, a mentor, a coach, or a helper!  Each of these demonstrate how each one of us doing our part to help make this City such a wonderful place to live, work, play and learn.

-- Bob Cowell


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