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Jun 07

Roanoke Recap – June 7

Posted on June 7, 2019 at 9:49 AM by Melinda Mayo

Welcome to Roanoke Recap, a blog to keep citizens informed about city news and events! If you are reading this blog for the first time and wish to receive an email notification when a new blog is posted, please contact the Office of Communications at [email protected].

National Gun Violence Awareness Day

Friday, June 7, is the Fifth Annual National Gun Violence Awareness Day. This week, Mayor Sherman Lea asked citizens to join him in observing this day by wearing orange to remember the victims of gun violence. He also asked citizens to take time on June 7 to reflect on the challenges that we, as a community, face from increased violence and hatred that divide us as a community; and he announced the formation of a Task Force on Gun Violence. Download and read the Mayor’s statement here.

Cooling Assistance Program to Begin this Month

The Department of Social Services announces that the Cooling Assistance Program will begin in June. Cooling assistance provides purchase or repair of cooling equipment and/or payment for electricity to operate cooling equipment.  Applications will be accepted online here, through the Enterprise Customer Service Center, and at local departments of Social Services from June 15 to Aug. 15. To provide easier access to this program, from June 17 to June 20 residents can apply at specific locations in the City.  Locations, dates, and times are listed here.

Reminder to Event Organizers and Residents

Summer is a great time to hold an event in the City. With this in mind, the City reminds organizers and planners that the City’s Special Events Policy requires a Public Assembly Permit for special events that use public spaces, such as streets, greenways, public parks, and plazas. Before you plan an event, please contact our Public Works Department at 853-5482 and fill out an Assembly Permit. To read the City’s Special Event Policy and Special Event Planning Guide, click here.