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Mar 21

After the Victory – Lessons in Courage and Leadership

Posted on March 21, 2022 at 6:59 PM by Angela O'Brien

After the Victory – Lessons in Courage and Leadership

Courtesy of Texas-based executive leadership and consulting firm Strategic Government Resources, I was able to join a live Zoom event over the weekend featuring Inna Sovsun, a Member of the Ukrainian Parliament.  MP Sovsun provided a glimpse of the current plight in Ukraine as well as a number of insights into courage and leadership and how both are winning the day in Ukraine.


Ms. Sovsun stated at the beginning of her discussion that it was important for the participants on the Zoom call to know she was a member of the opposition party, often at odds with President Zelensky prior to the war.  This was important for her to state because once the invasion began that opposition faded and all are now unified behind the President.  As she so poignantly stated, everyone needs to work together to ensure there remains a country over which they could debate, “after the victory”.  

Truth, Honesty and Plain-Spoken

Ms. Sovsun indicated that being truthful and honest with the people of Ukraine and international audiences has been key in emboldening the people of Ukraine and spurring other nations to action.  Speaking plainly about circumstances has allowed all to see clearly the struggle and why it is necessary to fight.  She indicated that this approach stands in direct opposition to the deceit and untruths promulgated by Vladimir Putin, enabling consistency in communication and messaging by all in the Ukraine government even when such messaging is not coordinated.

All are Leaders

Ms. Sovsun stated that she believes Putin erred in believing he need only defeat the Ukrainian military.  What he has found is he is fighting an entire nation of people - each doing their part.  A President galvanizing his people.  Members of Parliament speaking to international audiences and some donning military uniforms to join the fight.  Strangers housing those fleeing bombardments.  Ordinary people in cities and villages standing up to protest the Russian invaders.  Mayors leading the defense of their communities.  Attorneys and students securing safety equipment for soldiers from across the globe.  Battle-tested and confidence building military leaders.  Each playing to their strength and rising to meet the moment.

These lessons in courageous leadership - unity in purpose, truth and honesty, servant leadership and empowerment would serve any people or organization well under any circumstance.  At 4:00 am on February 24th, these became essential for Ukraine to remain a sovereign nation.

Glory to Ukraine!



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