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Feb 15

People Power

Posted on February 15, 2022 at 9:40 AM by Angela O'Brien

The municipal government at the City of Roanoke is a service provider - fire, police, trash, streets, stormwater, etc.  Those services are provided by people - 1700 plus people.  Last week we had the opportunity to acknowledge some of those folks for their tenure with the City.  At their meeting, the City Council recognized those that have provided 45, 40, 35 and 30 years of service for the residents of Roanoke.  These ranged from those serving in an elected capacity - the City Treasurer to those helping people in need through the Department of Social Services, with Fire-EMS, and many others.  

Increasingly, it has become more difficult to find those willing to dedicate a year or two of public service, much less a lifetime.  Often taken for granted with less than stellar compensation and great demands, the work done by these folks remains some of the most important undertaken in our city.  We are truly fortunate to have so many that are willing to do so much for others for so long.  

In addition to those recognized at the Council meeting are hundreds within the organization that have dedicated a decade or more to the service of the residents of the City.  These folks were similarly recognized by the Council outside of the Council meeting.  Some of these are Directors or Supervisors, while many serve at front counters, drive trucks, operate equipment or push a broom.  Each are critical to the success of the organization and thus the quality of service that may be provided to the residents and businesses of the community.

So, after all those years of service what might one say?  Captain Craig Sellers of the Roanoke Fire-EMS who was honored for 40 years of service, perhaps said it best when he declared it honor to do what he does and that he was not retiring any time soon - that he still had some years left in him.

That’s dedication, that’s people power!  Thanks to each of these folks for all they do for all of us.

--Bob CowellCaptain Craig Sellers


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