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Mar 30

Strategy to Action

Posted on March 30, 2021 at 4:19 PM by Melinda Mayo

Over the past few blog posts, I have focused on the organizational response to the Council’s Strategic Plan, first on our organizational values, then the framework we have deployed and, most recently, the strategies we use.  This post will focus on some of the specific actions we take as individuals, managers, and as an organization.


As an organization, we strive for a culture where all employees are leaders, and where we are results- or outcome-oriented.  We strive to be an organization where our assets, facilities, and services meet or exceed established standards and are considered among the best in class.   We progress on each of these by investing in professional and leadership development and training, investing in our facilities and equipment, and by holding ourselves accountable against established accreditation and certification standards.


Within each of our departments, we plan our actions strategically and in accordance with the efforts noted above for the entire organization.  Department leaders support participation of their staff in available training and development opportunities, and other efforts that enable staff to be their best. Among these opportunities, the City offers training for the LEAN process, which teaches staff to examine processes for improvement and efficiency, to deliver the most value to the customer in the most effective way. Our departments identify and track performance measures and indicators to gauge successes and identify areas where they can do better. In addition, several departments have achieved national and international accreditation, indicating the achievement of rigorous standards related to their management and administration, ensuring best practices. Department leaders propose budget expenditures designed to achieve established outcomes, increasingly focused on addressing disparities, and seeking out ways to empower our residents. 


Each individual working in the City organization embraces their role at providing the best services possible for our residents and businesses.  To further this, our employees take advantage of training and development opportunities, seeking better ways to do what they do and hold themselves and their fellow workers accountable. 

Together, we celebrate our successes, learn from our shortcomings, and continually strive to do better for our residents.  When we do this well, we do it really well, and we do it aligned with the strategic priorities of the Council—helping advance on Roanoke’s established Community Vision.  Together, individuals, departments, and the entire organization are working to deliver the services needed in our community and to do so in the best manner possible—all in an effort to help our residents have the greatest access to the most opportunity possible.  That’s Strategy in Action!

-- Bob Cowell


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