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Jun 08

It's Been Awhile

Posted on June 8, 2020 at 10:44 AM by Tiffany Bradbury

It’s been nearly three months since COVID-19 closed many municipal facilities to the general public.  The closures sent many of our employees to work from home to safely perform their work.  Many others remained on site or in the field performing their services.  Today we begin gradually and safely welcoming people back into our municipal buildings. 


Starting at 8:30 this morning we opened to provide services with the Treasurer’s and Commissioner of Revenue offices - both of these offices are still able to provide most of their services via phone, email, on the web or with a drop box and you are encouraged to use these if able.  Once you arrive at the Municipal Building you will notice a number of changes intended to help keep you and our employees safe - this video highlights some of those changes

Next Steps

By the middle of the month we hope to reopen certain library services including drop boxes and the Feed and Read program, curbside.  At that same time staff will begin preparing our libraries and community centers for restoration of certain services beginning in July.  Play Roanoke has begun marketing and accepting applications for summer youth programs which will begin in July.

Beginning July 1st DMV services will again be available at the Treasurer’s Office.  July 6th will mark the return of many of our employees and the reopening of our offices, though many will still require appointments and certain limitations likely will remain to ensure the safety of all in our facilities.  Online and phone access to essentially all services will remain available.  Libraries will begin offering curbside book services on July 6th as well, and we all hope it won’t be too long before we are able to welcome patrons back into the buildings themselves.   It is anticipated that Roanoke City Council may reconvene in the Council Chambers in July as well, having conducted virtual meetings for more than three months.

Unfortunately, until restrictions by the State are lifted and it is deemed safe, facilities such as Berglund Center and our pools remain closed.   All of these dates and actions are of course subject to change based on further guidance from state and federal officials and on how well controlled the virus remains.  

I have been proud of how our employees have adapted in delivery of essential services amidst all the uncertainty and change.  I appreciate the continued patience as we work our way through the reopening in as safe a manner as practical for all that visit us and that work in our facilities. To read more on our reopening plan, please visit

— Bob Cowell


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