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Jan 06

Thanks for the Years of Service – Looking Ahead to More

Posted on January 6, 2020 at 1:40 PM by Melinda Mayo

This week I have the opportunity to attend and participate in two notable employee events.  The first acknowledges the length of service provided by employees. 

Celebrating the Years

We will gather and celebrate those who have provided 5, 10, 15, and 20 years or more—it is not unheard of to recognize 30 and 40 years of service!  I enjoy this because it highlights the commitment of these folks engaged in providing service to our community.  Some have operated pieces of equipment, others have provided law enforcement, a few have managed others, and still others have provided technical or administrative support.  All have made our lives safer and better.  I also like this because it allows us to pause briefly and remember how valuable these years of service are.  Simply put, a 20-year veteran of the Police Department, a 15-year equipment operator, or a 30-year clerk are better at what they do than those with less experience.  The success of our organization and our community owes a great deal to these folks and their wisdom and experience.

Looking Ahead With Anticipation

The other event is at the other end of the spectrum.  As I do each month, I will be welcoming a new group of City employees to our organization.  In this case, that will be the newest class of cadets at the Roanoke Police Academy.  This is so important!  These are the folks who will replace those 20- and 30-year veterans as they retire.  They will learn from those who have come before them, and will ensure the services we deliver are as good as they can be.  It may be a bit trite to say, but they are our future and I look forward each month to welcoming them, sharing with them why service in local government is a noble career, what is expected of them, and how I intend on helping them.

To all of these–long-tenured veterans and rookies—I say, thank you!  Roanoke is a great place to live, work, play, learn, and visit because of what you have done and will do each and every day. Well done!

-- Bob Cowell


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