Citizen Survey

The City occasionally conducts a survey with its citizens regarding its strategic issues and their satisfaction with the services it provides.  Beginning in FY2019 the City used the services of Issues and Answers Network, Inc. (I & A) in Virginia Beach, Virginia.  The previous survey was conducted in the fall of 2019 and this one was completed during the mid to latter part of November 2021 through January 2022.  I & A conducted a mixed mode data collection effort which included a telephone survey of 372 citizens and an online based survey of 53 citizens.  The survey was designed to measure citizen opinions regarding municipal services and projects and to assess the strategic initiatives of the City of Roanoke government. The overall objective of the survey process is to garner public input that will guide the use of City resources and foster continual improvement in the services provided to citizens.  The margin of error is + or - 4%.
I and A Report March 2022
I and A Presentation March 2022