Municipal Auditing

The Municipal Auditing Department promotes transparency, accountability, and good government by providing an independent and objective view point within the City of Roanoke, Roanoke City Public Schools, and Valley Metro organizations. 

The Municipal Auditor is appointed by City Council and works closely with the City Audit Committee and the Roanoke City School Board Audit Committee to advise elected officials and management on matters related to governance, risk management and controls. 

In addition to performing audits and providing advisory services, the Auditing Department investigates allegations of fraud, waste and abuse occurring in city government reported by employees and the public.  Reports can be submitted confidentially and anonymously through the Lighthouse website or by calling 1-844-440-0088.

Please refer to a notice regarding the City's FY21 Comparative Cost Report (CCR) submission, which will be delayed beyond the Dec. 15, 2021, deadline.