Capital Improvement Program

FY 2024 - FY 2028 CIP

CIP FY24-28 cover

The Capital Improvement Program (CIP) is a plan recommended by the City Manager and adopted by City Council for capital expenditures to be incurred over a multi-year period in order to meet the long-term capital improvement needs of the city.

Debt issuance and management is closely tied to capital spending and therefore debt levels as well as future planned issuances of debt are also detailed throughout the report.

To view other CIP documents produced over the years, visit the Archive Center.

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Beginning in January departments are asked to provide information on new, potential projects and give updates on existing and ongoing projects. These requests are reviewed and discussed with all stakeholders involved including the Budget Committee. Things taken into consideration are needs of the community, potential timelines, scope of the project, availability of staff to manage the projects, debt limit requirements and City's Council's priorities as they may be understood at the time.

Projects that are to be funded within the next five years are included in the report. Projects may be funded with bonds, grants, contingency funds, or general fund revenues. Funding sources are determined specifically for each project depending on it's best opportunities available and suited needs.