Summary of Livability Priority

The Priority Team developed a strategy map to address the various factors that impact livability within the community and make the City of Roanoke and the Roanoke Valley a desirable place to live, work and play. Livability is the level of quality in the social, built and natural environments that impacts residents, employees, customers and visitors. The perception of the city’s livability factors in many decisions to invest in it, whether as a home or business owner, client or tourist.

View the full Request For Results (PDF) document for the FY 2019 Livability Priority online.

Definition of Livability

Livability, in a general sense, encompasses all aspects of city government. However, the team based its causal factors and outcomes largely on qualitative elements that it deemed vital to achieving a livable community. In doing so, the Team attempted to omit factors and outcomes that would likely be included in other teams’ statements. To address the priority statement, the team created a map around 4 primary factors - Valued, Engaged and Informed Community; Attractive Community; Accessibility; and Quality Amenities.
Livability Priority Strategy Map