The Roanoke City Sheriff's Office is composed of a Sheriff and of such officers, deputies and other employees as the Sheriff may deem necessary to ensure the effective and professional operation of the office. The Sheriff has the immediate supervision and control of the Sheriff's Office subject to the rules, regulations, and laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia. The Sheriff issues all orders, rules and regulations for the government of the Sheriff's Office. In order to properly perform the functions of the Office and to coordinate and direct the diverse activities of the Office, the Sheriff's Office is divided into the Office of the Sheriff and the requisite number of major Divisions - Jail Division, Services Division and Court Services Division - with each division commanded by a Major who reports directly to the Assistant Chief Deputy or, in his absence, the Sheriff.

Sheriff's Personnel

Classification Sworn Civilian
Full Time
213 8
Part Time
6 2
Other Employees
0 47
Total Staff
276 N/A
Employee Racial Diversity and Gender Chart