Green Roof

In May 2012 the City of Roanoke installed a green vegetated roof on the Noel C. Taylor Municipal Building.

The 6,700-square-foot green roof has 2,900 square feet of plants with 13 varieties of water-conserving sedum plants.

The roof system also has a rainwater harvesting system, which includes 6500-gallon tanks for watering the roof via automated irrigation system.
A building in downtown Roanoke with a green roof
This system provides plants with adequate water as needed, with a solar powered weather station that calculates the evaportranspiration value, a calculation indicating watering needs.
The plants cost approximately $58,000, and the total cost of all materials, including plants and materials associated with installation, mulch, and rainwater harvesting system was approximately $123,000. We used City employees to install the roof, which mitigated labor costs. Anticipate the green roof will increase the life of the existing roof membrane from 20 years to 60 years.


  • Reduces the amount of storm water runoff by 44 per cent per one inch of rain
  • Reduces heating and cooling loads by increasing insulation
  • Reduces noise transmission
  • Creates an attractive roof that helps sustain a habitat for butterflies, insects, and songbirds
  • Triples the life of the roof