Court Security Division

  1. Inmate Holding
  2. Security Features
  3. Division Object
The Roanoke City Courthouse is located at 315 Church Avenue in downtown Roanoke. The current courthouse opened in January 1983, replacing a very antiquated building built in 1915.

When the courthouse was in the planning stages, the Sheriff's Office was involved in the designing of the various security aspects of the building. There is a large inmate holding area in the basement where inmates are kept until they are needed in court. The court holding area is connected to the jail by a secure hallway. This area is completely inaccessible to the public. The court holding area allows inmates to be transported by way of secure elevators to their particular court. Located behind each courtroom, there are temporary holding cells where inmates are kept when not in the courtroom. Because of these features, an inmate can be brought from the jail to court and back to jail without ever leaving a secure area.