Support Services Division

  1. Goals and Objectives
  2. Staffing
  3. Medical Section
  4. Substance Abuse Counseling
The goal of the Support Services Division is essentially the same as that of the Jail Security Division. However, the functional role is to provide support to the Jail Security Division through providing services to inmates housed in the Roanoke City Jail. There are 3 objectives that have been established to assist in accomplishing the goal of the Jail Services Division:
  • To provide programs and procedures based on positive correctional goals instead of punitive objectives, to ensure no inmate is discriminated against because of:
    • Color
    • Creed
    • Economic status
    • National origin
    • Political belief
    • Race
    • Sex
  • To ensure all offenders are afforded respect and due protection of all civil and legal rights
  • To provide adequate and efficient medical and dental services based on sound moral and legal opinions and established medical practices