How to Make a Commendation

If you wish to make a commendation recognizing the actions of a deputy or about any aspect of law enforcement, correctional, or court service operations provided by the Roanoke City Sheriff’s Office, you can:
  • Come to the office and tell any employee that you want to make a commendation
  • Call the office and tell the person answering the phone that you want to make a commendation
  • Write your commendation letter and mail it to the Sheriff at the address listed below:
    Sheriff, City of Roanoke
    Professional Standards Unit
    340 Campbell Avenue, SW
    Roanoke, VA 24016
Submitting a Form
The PSU Lieutenant or other supervisory deputy can assist you in filling out a commendation form (PDF), if necessary. This form asks you to identify yourself and give specific details about your commendation request. You may be contacted at a later date and asked to provide additional information regarding the commendation request.

Your commendation request will then be forwarded to the Sheriff or designee for review.