Jail Information

Court Dress Code Restrictions
Please be aware that some courts do not permit:
  • Short/Tank Tops
  • Hat, headbands or kerchiefs, except for religious or medical needs
  • Excessive or inappropriate body exposure
  • Sunglasses except for medical needs
  • Bare feet, flip-flops, slippers
  • Clothing with wording or picture that is obscene, offensive or vulgar
  • Exposed underwear
  • Chewing gum, tobacco, drinks or food

Visitation Limitations
Approved visitors will be permitted to visit for approximately 20 minutes and visit only once during a 7-day period. Subject to approval, out of town visitors (distances greater than 100 miles) may be allowed to visit once in a 30-day period. Photo identification proving residency will be required. Beginning April 1, 2014, the Sheriff’s Office implemented video visitation at the Roanoke City Jail. Learn more online.