Secured Remote Access


According to VA Code Section 17.1-279(2), every Circuit Court Clerk shall provide secure remote access to land records in accordance with 17.1-294 on or before July 1, 2008. The Circuit Court of the City of Roanoke provides this secure remote access (SRA) through the Supreme Court's RMS system as well as the Logan's System online remote access. Approval for the use of SRA is at the discretion of the Clerk of the Court. A subscription fee of $600 per year is required along with a notarized application.

Information Available on the Secured Remote Access

 Roanoke City Circuit Court uses two separate systems, the Supreme Court System (RMS) and the Logan System. Both of our providers have images and indexes. The indexes have periods of overlap but both the indexes and images can be found as shown below. Both websites are included in the $600 yearly subscription. On each system you will find a complete index of all the documents covered during that time period. 
 The following is a complete breakdown of what information is available through both of our systems.

Information Available Through RMS (Supreme Court) Online Remote Access


  • Financing statements: September 3, 1991 to Present
  • General Miscellaneous: September 3, 1991 to Present
  • Judgments: April 3, 1992 to Present
  • Land Records: September 3, 1991 to Present
  • Marriage Licenses: September 3, 1991 to Present
  • Wills and Fiduciary: August 1, 2000 to Present


  • Financing statements: June 1, 1998 to Present
  • General Miscellaneous: January 1, 1998 to Present
  • Judgments: April 3, 1992 to Present
  • Land Records: September 3, 1997 to Present
  • Marriage Licenses: January 1, 1998 to Present
  • Wills and Fiduciary: August 1, 2000 to Present


     Documents that have been recorded but not yet indexed and merged may be viewed via Secure Remote Access. These documents are  often referred to as "dailies".

Information Available Through Logan’s Online Remote Access

Images and Index

  • Land Records  From 1884 to 1997
  • Wills  from 1884-2000
  • Plats
  • Commissioner of Accounts  1884-1993

How to Gain Access

The application packet contains two parts: The SRA Application (PDF) and a SRA Subscriber Agreement (PDF). In order to gain access to both of the secured remote access websites(SRA) a subscriber need only to fill out the application and have it notarized. Once the application is completed and notarized, please mail the application with a check made payable to the Clerk of the Circuit Court in the amount of $600.

Complete applications should be mailed to:
Roanoke City Circuit Court
315 Church Avenue SW
Roanoke, VA 24016
If you should have any questions at all please feel free to contact either Laurie Wallace or Becky Collier at 540-853-6702.