Deposit Resident Money


The resident's full name and correct spelling on file along with their Resident ID number can be found at Roanoke City Adult Detention Center Resident Search.


Depositing monies online is probably one of the most convenient methods. Click here to begin the process of depositing monies through  Once on the site:

• Enter 5500 for the 4-digit Pay Location Code (PLC), then click continue.

• Once on the "Enter Pay Information" page, click on the "Click here" link in the second sentence of the page.

• Under the Facility's State select "VA."

• A Facility section will then appear below, select "RO1 - City of Roanoke Sheriff's Office."

• Fill in the individual's last name in the "Resident's Last Name" section.

• Select the individual you wish to deposit money for.

• Follow the prompts to finish depositing money for a resident.

Cash or Credit Card in the Lobby

Depositing cash or making a credit card deposit at the lobby kiosk is one of the newer options for making a deposit. This kiosk machine works very similarly to a bank ATM machine. There are fees for this transaction which you are alerted to during the deposit. Currently, $200 is the most cash that can be deposited per transaction. $100 is the most that can be deposited per each credit card transaction.

Please Note

These type of deposits require a valid government ID with either a 2D bar code or magnetic strip on them. The address on the ID must also match the billing address on the credit card.

Mail Cashier's Check or Money Order

Sending a cashier's check or money order through the mail is the slowest method for making a deposit on the resident's account. The deposit will be made to the resident's account the following business day after it is received. (7/13/23 TL- deposits are done Tuesdays and Fridays) The cashier's check or money order must be made out to the Roanoke City ADC Resident Fund and the resident's name must be clearly written or typed in the memo field. Do not send cash through the mail. 


If a resident has a negative balance, the entire funds will be deposited and a computer generated 60/40 percentage split will be applied to the resident's account. This allows the resident to be able to pay off the debt and continue to order commissary and hygiene. The exception is Work Release and Weekender Fees. They are collected at 100 percent .

Resident Fee Schedule

Room and Board $1.00 a day

Dental Visit $10.00

Sick Call $10.00

Doctor Visit $10.00

Prescription Handling Fee $5.00

Weekender Fees $4.00 a day plus an additional $1.19 for hygiene kit

Work Release $16.00 a day plus 25% of paycheck for cost and fees