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Language Assistance

If you do not speak, read, or write English well, the City will provide an interpreter at no cost to you!  This is available for all services and programs the City offers.  For language assistance, please call 540-329-3002.

Asistencia Lingüística

Si usted no habla, lee, o escribe el inglés bien, ¡la Ciudad proporcionará un intérprete sin costo a usted!  La interpretación está disponible por todos servicios y programas que ofrece la Ciudad.   Para obtener asistencia lingüística, por favor llame a 540-329-3002.

Drug Take-Back Boxes

Update: July 15th 2022

Admin box Drug Take-back boxes are now available for prescription medications in two lobby locations. 

324 Campbell Ave S.W. - Roanoke City Jail

340 Campbell Ave S.W. - Roanoke City Sheriff's Office

Hours 8AM - 4PM, Monday - Friday (excluding holidays)


Update: February 8th 2022

The Roanoke City Sheriff's Office is again offering fingerprinting services.

Sex Offender Registry fingerprinting is available Monday - Thursday, 9:00A.M. - 12:00P.M.

Public Fingerprinting for employment purposes is available Monday - Thursday, 1:00P.M. - 4:00P.M. ** Please note: two cards are required and each card is $5.00 each.

Fingerprinting is done on the 2nd floor of the Administrative offices located at 340 Campbell Ave SW.

New Department Website


The Roanoke City Sheriff’s Office is pleased to announce an updated and easy to navigate website for the City of Roanoke residents. This new website gives insight to the community about the operations of the Roanoke City Sheriff’s Office. Information found on the website includes command staff, the different divisions, blogs, links to social media as well as recruitment and hiring, among many other things. The Roanoke City Sheriff’s Office strives to have improved online community engagement, while allowing the chance to show how hard our department works for the City of Roanoke. Many resources will be available such as hiring deputies for off duty, requesting deputies for community events as well as writing in requests for a variety of needs.

The Planning and Research team continues to develop new resources for its website under the Direction of Sheriff Antonio Hash with primary development by Dylan Jones. The website is live. So please, follow us at for the latest updates.

Coronavirus/COVID-19 Updates

Update: August 13, 2020:

As the number of positive COVID-19 cases continues to rise in our valley, the health and safety of our staff and those individuals in our care remain a top priority for the Roanoke City Sheriff’s Office (RCSO).  The staff of the RCSO, as noted in a media release on January 13, 2021, have already begun to receive the first dose of the vaccine and will begin receiving their second dose as early as February 11, 2021.

On January 25 and January 26, 2021, a Point Prevalence Survey was completed as per the recommendations of the VDH.  A press release sent to the media on January 28, 2021 noted the results of that survey. This aggressive testing approach assists in identifying asymptomatic individuals, and therefore helps minimize the spread of COVID-19 within the facility.  Additionally, the information obtained from this proactive testing measure will help us further develop and modify our comprehensive plan to protect our inmates and staff accordingly.

The RCSO continues to work closely with the VDH, and routinely receives and implements the guidance provided on the most effective ways to manage and mitigate exposure within the correctional facility.  We will continue to conduct routine testing of everyone in the facility, until such time as there are no positive test results, or when it is considered safe to discontinue.     

In order to slow or prevent the spread of the virus, several programs will remain suspended – Adult and Children’s Visitation, recreation, and on-site group programs. In an effort to alleviate some of the stresses this pandemic has caused, all inmates will be provided with two (2) free video visits and two (2) free five (5) minute phone calls per week. Library and education services will continue to operate in a modified manner.  In addition to previous masks provided, all classified inmates have been provided a KN-95 mask to help prevent the spread of the virus.

We are currently making the necessary arrangements to have the COVID-19 vaccine available to all inmate who wish to receive it. As an added incentive, we will be providing free commissary packs to inmates who receive the vaccine. The pack includes items frequently purchased by a majority of inmates.

The Roanoke City Jail maintains the extensive cleaning schedule both in inmate housing, as well as shared areas in the facility. In addition, extra cleaning supplies are provided to inmates and they urged to disinfect their living areas and bathrooms routinely.

For COVID-19 specific questions regarding the Roanoke City Jail, please call (540) 853-1761 Monday through Friday 8:00am – 4:30pm.  You may also submit a question through our website at

Update: August 13, 2020:

The Sheriff's Office has added a page specific to COVID-19 and how the department is managing the virus. Please see the updated Press Release that is located in that tab on the left hand side.

We are working on setting up more information in this tab within the next few days. We will also be adding a submission form for questions. Keep checking back for the most up to date questions. 

Please contact (540) 853-1761 should you have any COVID related questions. 

To contact the Sheriff's Office directly for any questions you might have, please click here. 
Update: April 7, 2020: 

City of Roanoke citizens:

Thank you all for your care and concerns for our staff and incarcerated population during this time of crisis. These are difficult decisions to make and they are never easy, however we are erring on the side of caution and looking to protect lives by implementing new procedures as required by the most reliable facts surrounding the virus. Listed below is the most up to date policies and procedures addressing COVID-19 prevention and mitigation.  

All individuals entering the facility are subjected to prescreening. Sheriff’s staff, contractors, vendors and City of Roanoke employees must answer a verbal questionnaire, as well as temporal screening. If they show signs or symptoms, according to the CDC, of COVID-19, they will be sent home from work and required to not return until medically cleared by professionals. New intakes to the Roanoke City Jail will go through an enhanced pre-screening prior to being admitted. This screening includes a verbal and temporal screening. Any new intake that shows symptoms will likely remain in the jails’ custody, however, depending on the extent of the circumstances, extensive medical care will be provided. If an inmate(s), current or new, require the need for quarantine, there are plans in place with housing locations that will allow for isolation from the general population. The jail is in possession of (PPE) personal protective equipment should the need arise.

In regards to the Roanoke City Jail, we have enhanced our cleaning procedures to giving the offenders proper cleaning supplies for their individual and shared living spaces multiple times a day. We are encouraging good hygiene by offering no cost soap and extra paper towels. Precautions have been taken regarding the cleaning of shared property, such as telephones, tablets and video visitation kiosks. We have work crews that continue to enhance and maintain the cleanliness of the work and office spaces, as well as public spaces such as the lobbies and magistrate offices. Staff, as well as inmates, have been educated on the importance of good hygiene and hand washing.

The suspension of programs is in the best interest of not spreading the virus. Unfortunately, most of our providers that instruct our programs come from outside our facility. For the safety of both our offenders and staff, we had to suspend the contact visits and group settings because of the way the virus spreads. We have explored and implemented other options to keep them busy, such as crossword puzzles, increased library operations, extra phone calls and increased days of video visitation. We have also waived medical co pays for COVID 19 symptoms. The therapeutic pod is a very vulnerable part of our population. We also still have mental health staff on site, with tele doc capabilities as well for the added need.

Regarding the 10 person limitations, unfortunately with the design of our facility and the population count, that cannot be done per pod. When possible, offenders are only housed one per cell. It is recommended to them if they have a cell mate, to sleep head to toe in the bunks.

However, the court system continues to look at offenders' sentences and cases to get inmates released early when feasible. The Roanoke Sheriff’s Office is working closely with the Commonwealth Attorney’s Office, Public Defenders Office and the Chief Judge of Circuit Court to look ahead to best release offenders.

Roanoke Sheriff’s Office administration meets daily to keep the department updated on safety recommendations and to implement new procedures. We remain in constant communication with our community, state and regional partners. Our focus has been and will continue to remain on reducing the exposure of this virus to our inmates, staff and general public, while conducting the essential functions of the Sheriff’s Office. We hope as we learn more about the virus, that we can grow and adapt our organization as needed.

Please remember to practice all health and safety precautions as we deal with this serious issue.

Updated: March 19, 2020:  Due to the health concerns involving COVID-19, the Roanoke Sheriff's Office lobby, as well as the lobby of the Civil Process Division will be CLOSED to the public to protect the health of our staff and the citizens. If you have questions regarding a civil paper, please call (540) 853-2721. If you need Sheriff Allen or the Administration team, please call (540) 853-5347. Thank you for your patience and understanding at this time. We apologize for the inconvenience. 

Updated March 16, 2020: Effective immediately: All attorney and professional visits will be NON-CONTACT only. Please contact Cpt. Monica Perkins if you have any questions. 

Updated March 16, 2020: Fingerprinting services will be suspended for at least 30 days. 

Updated March 13, 2020: Attorney and Professional will remain the same. 

Updated March 12, 2020:  While there are no positive cases of Coronavirus currently in Southwest Virginia, we know many citizens are concerned. We are committed to the health and safety of our personnel, volunteers and those incarcerated in the Roanoke City Jail and Annex. We are being proactive and will begin temporary changes that affect the department’s everyday operation. Some of the steps we are taking are as follows:

  • Enhanced arrestee medical pre-screening process
  • The Weekender Program will be suspended until April 25, 2020
  • Suspended court ordered workforce program until April 25, 2020
  • Suspended outside inmate work crews until further notice
  • Suspending all outside volunteer programs until further notice
  • Enhanced daily cleaning to maintain a sanitary environment for staff, inmates and the general public
  • Physical visitation on Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays suspended until further notice. Video Visitation will be made available during those times
  • Ensuring sufficient cleaning supplies and personal protective equipment for the facility

We hope these steps bring you some comfort and assurance of our effort to keep our inmates, staff and public healthy.


All persons entering the Roanoke City Sheriff's Office, Courts, and Jail maybe subject to a personal search.

No electronic devices are allowed in the Roanoke City Courts or Jail. This includes, but is not limited to cell phones, tablets, laptops and smart watches.

The Roanoke City Jail is closed to the public from 11:00 to 12:30 PM daily.

**As of March 12, 2020 -physical visitation is suspended until further notice. Additional video visits will be made available. ** As of June 1, 2018 visitation at the Roanoke City Jail on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday evenings will begin at 7:30 p.m. and end at 11:00 p.m.  The previous start time for visitation on these evenings was 7:00 p.m.

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