Officers of Election

Appointment Process

Pursuant to Sections 24.2-115 to 24.2-118 of the Code of Virginia, the Roanoke City Electoral Board appoints Officers of Election to perform the various duties necessary to carry out an election.  Officers of Election are appointed in February of each year to serve one year terms beginning March 1. Officers serve for each election during their terms. A number of officers are appointed for each of the city's 20 voting precincts, with one designated as Chief Officer of election and one designated as Assistant Chief Officer of Election. To the extent possible, all officers are residents of the precincts in which they serve and equally represent the Democratic and Republican parties (or the two parties receiving the highest number of votes in the last statewide election). In any event, each officer shall be a qualified voter of the Commonwealth of Virginia.


During each election, Officers' duties include verifying the registration status of each voter, directing voters at the polls, completing records and forms related to the election, and ensuring order at each voting site.


Each Officer of Election is compensated for each election and training class in which they participate.

Serve as an Officer of Election

For information on becoming an Officer of Election email [email protected] with your interest.  Include your name and telephone number.  All Officers of Election must be qualified Virginia voters. No elected officer, deputy or employee of an elected official can serve as an officer of election. If you are appointed to serve as an Officer of Election you may still vote in each election.  

For more information on serving as an officer of election, please call the Office of the Voter Registration and Elections at 540-853-2283.