Qualifications & Application 

The qualifications to participate in the Lead Safe Roanoke program are:

  • Live in the City of Roanoke
  • The property must have been constructed prior to 1978
  • Home must not be in a floodplain 
  • Pregnant or must have a child or children age 5 and under, living in or frequently visiting the property
  • All property owners participating in the program must provide proof of ownership and all city/state taxes and mortgage payment (if applicable) must be current
  • Household income must be below the Roanoke Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) median income (see chart below)


Contact us for an application!

Roanoke MSA Median Income

Household Size Income Level
1 $40,950
2 $46,800
3 $52,650
4 $58,500
5 $63,200
6 $67,900
7 $72,550
8 $77,250

How can I apply to the Lead Safe Roanoke program?

You will need:

  1. Completed LSR Application
  2. Proof of Income (Most recent W-2 Tax Form or 2 months of current, consecutive pay stubs)
  3. Copy of Birth Certificate for Child Age 5 or Under
  4. Copy of Photo ID for Owner and/or Tenant
  5. Proof of Home Insurance (Declaration page stating the property address and current policy dates)
Please send the following forms to:

Lead Safe Roanoke 
215 Church Avenue SW
Room 208 North
Roanoke, VA 24011

Contact us if you have questions. 
Phone: 540-853-5682
Fax: 540-853-5685
Email: LSRinfo@roanokeva.gov