Eligibility Requirements & Application

Lead Safe Roanoke would like to make your home lead safe for you and your children. Homes and apartments built before 1978 may have paint that contains high levels of lead.  Lead from paint chips (which you can see) and dust (which you cannot always see) can pose serious health hazards to residents, especially for young children, if not taken care of properly. 

The City of Roanoke’s Lead Safe Roanoke Program can assist Roanoke City homeowners and residents with lead based paint hazards present in their homes. This service may include lead dust cleaning, painting, or replacement of surfaces contaminated with lead based paint. The program is free to participating residents. 

How to Apply

You can now apply for services online! Click below to fill out our application. Please call us at 540-853-5682 or email LS[email protected] if you are having any trouble with the form!

Apply Online

Paper Application

You can also download the PDF version of the application form below and e-mail it to us if you prefer. If you need an application brought to to you, contact our office at 540-853-5682.

PDF Fillable Application:

Eligibility Requirements

You must meet all of the following eligibility requirements to qualify for LSR Services:

1.     You live in the City of Roanoke

2.     Your home was built before 1978 and is not located in the floodplain

3.     You have a child age 5 or under living in or regularly visiting the home

4.     You meet income eligibility guidelines (see chart below)


Household SizeIncome Level

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