Commissioner of the Revenue

The Commissioner of the Revenue is a professional team that provides excellent customer service by exemplifying integrity through accurate and consistent tax assessments. We are committed to assisting and serving you, we are the window to the city...

The Commissioner of the Revenue:
  • Maintains taxable owner records for real estate parcels and prepares the Land Book in accordance with the Code of Virginia
  • Ensures that all tangible business and individual personal property is assessed in accordance with the Code of Virginia
  • Issues the City of Roanoke Business License to all businesses operating within the City of Roanoke, in accordance with the City of Roanoke Code and the Code of Virginia
  • Provides full service Virginia State Income Tax processing
  • Administers the Real Estate Tax Relief Program for the elderly and disabled
 Important Numbers  
 Personal Property Tax 540-853-2522
 Real Estate Tax/Tax Freeze 540-853-2523
 Business License Tax 540-853-2524
 Local Trust Tax 540-853-6828 
 Business Personal Property 540-853-2524
 Virginia State Income Tax 540-853-6543