Goals & Objectives


Practice preventive law on behalf of the City of Roanoke.


1. LEGAL OVERSIGHT - Be continuously aware of the legal issues facing the city, meet each week on a regularly scheduled basis with the City Manager and with each director on a regular basis; and recommend action to improve, protect, and promote the legal positions of the city.
2. EDUCATION - Recommend and conduct training sessions as needed to reduce potential liability of the city; prepare memoranda as needed for same purpose; and provide for continuing legal education and professional development of staff.


Handle legal matters concerning the city in accordance with law and in a timely, efficient, and effective manner.


1. GENERAL COUNSEL – Be the city’s law firm and advocate. Provide day-to-day legal advice to City Council, the City Manager and administration, boards and commissions of the city, the School Board and administration and the Greater Roanoke Transit Company; attend meetings, conferences and work sessions. Develop strategies that promote the objectives of City Council, city administration, and city departments.
2. LITIGATION - Handle approximately 20 civil cases initiated by the city or brought against the city.
3. LEGAL OPINIONS – Research, draft, and issue approximately 700 opinions on legal matters in response to requests of Council, School Board and other appropriate city and School officials.
4. ORDINANCES AND RESOLUTIONS - Research relevant law and prepare approximately 300 measures to implement policy decisions of City Council.
5. CONTRACTS AND OTHER LEGAL DOCUMENTS - Draft and/or review more than 1,400 contracts and other legal documents to which the city is a party.
6. CONVEYANCE OF REAL PROPERTY - Prepare deeds, examine titles, conduct closings necessary for acquisition and disposition of real property.
7. COLLECTIONS - Provide full legal support to city departments having responsibility for collection of debts owed to the city, such as taxes (real, personal, business, professional and occupational licensing, meals, etc.), water and sewer accounts, weed and demolition liens and damage to city property.
8. REPRESENT DEPARTMENT OF SOCIAL SERVICES - Represent department in matters of litigation involving foster care placements and service plans, emergency removal hearings for children, contested custody cases, adult guardianships, subpoenas of department records and interjurisdictional disputes.


Advocate and promote the interests of the city in intergovernmental relations with the United States, Commonwealth of Virginia, and other localities.


1. STATE LEGISLATION - Serve as the primary contact between city's legislative liaison and City Council and other city officials; provide technical support to city's legislative consultant as to legal issues and counsel as to legislative strategies.
2. FEDERAL LEGISLATION - Be aware of bills pending in U.S. Congress that significantly affect city operations and assist in formulating and communicating city position.
3. ADMINISTRATIVE AGENCIES- Interpret administrative regulations and advocate the interests of the city before agencies of the federal and State governments.
4. LOCAL GOVERNMENT RELATIONS - Provide advice and counsel as to the legal issues arising in the context of the city's relations with other local governments and provide negotiating and drafting support in the development of intergovernmental agreements. Maintain an active role in local governmental organizations such as Local Government Attorneys and Virginia Municipal League.