City Attorney

The Office of the City Attorney provides legal counsel to the City Council, the City Manager and other city officials, the School Board, the Superintendent and other school officials and Greater Roanoke Transit Company, a mass transit system wholly owned by the city. The office represents the city and School Board and officials of each in all litigation on behalf of, or against, them. Upon request, the office provides written legal opinions to city and School Board officials.

Contracts & Agreements

The office drafts and/or reviews all contracts, agreements, licenses, permits, deeds, leases, franchises, and other legal documents to which the city or School Board is a party. All ordinances and resolutions adopted by City Council are also drafted by the Office of the City Attorney.

In addition, the office handles all real estate transactions on behalf of the city, preparing deeds, examining titles and conducting closings, and collects debts owed to the city, such as taxes, water and sewer accounts, weed and demolition liens, and damage to city property.


The Office of City Attorney is led by the City Attorney who is appointed by and reports to City Council. The City Attorney is Tim Spencer. Tim is philosophically committed to the practice of preventive law on behalf of the City of Roanoke. This practice requires that the office proactively address legal issues at their inceptual stage thereby avoiding costly, time-consuming and controversial litigation.

Additional Information

Please note that the Office of City Attorney cannot provide legal advice to citizens in private matters, nor is the office permitted to make referrals of citizens to private attorneys. This office does not prosecute violations of State law or local ordinances; all prosecutions are handled by the Office of Commonwealth's Attorney.