As part of the Community Engagement Office, Communications staff delivers public information through the organization's communication channels including news releases, MyRoanoke email notifications, the Roanoke Recap blog, the City's website, and Roanoke Valley Television - Cox Channel 3, with the goal of keeping citizens well-informed of City-related news. Staff oversees media relations and is also involved in event planning and communications campaigns. Staff is responsible for internal communications as well, and serves as an advertising and marketing resource to City departments.

Media Inquiries

All inquiries from the media should be directed to the Communications and Media Officer at 540-853-6357 or by email for response. The City's Media Policy states that the most knowledgeable and informed employee on a particular issue is the best City spokesperson. The Communications and Media Officer works with City staff to determine the best person to address the subject of the inquiry, and assists in arranging contacts and interviews for staff with the media.  

News Notifications

Staff regularly sends out MyRoanoke email notifications about City news, events, and initiatives. Read our latest notifications.  To receive MyRoanoke notifications by e-mail, click here . After providing your email address at the top of the screen, scroll down to the MyRoanoke News category and select the "Roanoke News." You may also receive notifications for the "Roanoke Recap" blog by sending an email to the Communications staff.

Roanoke Valley Television

The Communications and Media Officer serves as a member of the Roanoke Valley Television Cable Committee and also hosts the City's monthly show, "Inside Roanoke," on RVTV - Cox Channel 3. 
Roanoke Valley Television is a Government and Educational Access Station, serving the City of Roanoke, Roanoke County, the Town of Vinton, and their respective school systems.

FOIA Requests

The Communications and Media Officer serves as the City's official FOIA Officer. FOIA requests may be directed by phone to 540-853-6357, by email, or by fax at 540-853-1138. Click here to access a form letter which can be used to make a FOIA request.  You may also contact the FOIA Officer with questions you have concerning requesting records from the City of Roanoke, Va.