Charitable Solicitors

To streamline the charitable solicitation registration process, the city of Roanoke has eliminated its former permitting process in favor of the simple online registration form. Solicitors no longer have to obtain city solicitation permits and maintain records for inspection by the city; they must only register using the online form below. There is no charge for this registration, and annual registrations are not required. This process is only intended for, or to be used by, an individual associated with a charitable organization.

Please note that an organization or individual must register with the state, as well as with the city, if it is organized or operated for any charitable purpose, or if it solicits or obtains contributions from the public. Solicitors who fail to register with the state as required by law may be subject to criminal penalties by the state. To find out if your organization must register with the state (and therefore with the city), contact the Virginia Office of Consumer Affairs at 800-552-9963 or 804-786-2042, and review the laws below.