Adopt-a-Street Program

As a part of the City of Roanoke's “Clean and Green” initiative, civic and community groups, business organizations, and even families have joined the “Adopt-A-Street” Program to help reduce litter along the roadways, and make a major contribution towards the city’s overall appearance and beautification efforts.
Adopt-a-Street Volunteers Group Photo

Cleaner & Healthier Environment

“Adopt-A-Street” participants tangibly demonstrate civic pride for their communities by contributing to a cleaner and healthier environment, and also contribute to our overall economic development. The activity of volunteers picking up litter and the signs also serve as impressive reminders to the public not to litter the roadways or ignore the environment.

Community Commitment

The “Adopt-A-Street” Program allows participants to make a 2 year commitment to collect litter along selected streets 4 times a year. The City of Roanoke recognizes the participants’ commitment and concern for the environment with professional signage at each end of their designated area which identifies the group responsible for the clean-up of that particular roadway. The City provides 33-gallon orange trash bags and the use of High-Visibility Safety Vests.

Get Involved

Organizations interested in the “Adopt-A-Street” Program may become involved by contacting the Municipal Volunteer Program (MVP) at the City of Roanoke Human Resources Department, and begin by completing an “Adopt-A-Street” permit form. This permit allows the group members to pick up litter within the right-of-way of their designated area. The City works with Clean Valley Council to run this program. For more information, please call Clean Valley Council at (540) 345-5523 or email