Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

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GIS is a system of computer software, hardware, data, and personnel to help manipulate, analyze and present information that is tied to a spatial location. It is used for:
  • Information: visualization of analysis of data
  • Personnel: a thinking explorer who is key to the power of GIS
  • Spatial location: usually a geographic location
  • System: linking software, hardware, data
GIS Services
  • Analysis and Modeling
    • Statistical Analysis and Geocoding
    • Modeling (Networks, Elevations, 3-D)
  • Application Development, Implementation, and Customization
    • Website - sharing maps and tools
  • Cartography, Visualization, and Maps
    • Map Creation: simple to complex
  • Data Management and Integration
    • Enterprise Database - central data storage accessible to all
    • Database Integration - mapping non-spatial data