Solid Waste Enforcement

Automated Containers

Automated containers as well as recycling containers must be placed out for collection no later than 7 a.m. on your day of collection and cannot be placed out for collection prior to 7 p.m. the day proceeding your collection day.

Both recycling and automated containers must be removed before 7 a.m. on the day following collection. Containers remaining out after this time will be subject to a violation notice from the Solid Waste Management Code Enforcement officer. Said notice will continue for 3 notifications; after the 3rd notice a, $25 fine will be imposed.

Placement of Trash

All automated containers, recycling containers, bulk trash, as well as brush, must be placed in front of your property for collection.

Items Not Collected

The following items will not be collected:
  • Manure, topsoil, earth, stone, rock, brick, concrete, asphalt, sheet rock, plate glass
  • Building materials
  • Auto parts
  • Contracted materials (If you hire a contractor to do yard work, please have him haul off the materials.)
  • Dead animals
  • Fire damaged items
  • Hazardous waste materials

Evictions, Set-outs, Excessive Bulk

  • Evictions - when the court authorizes an eviction, the landlord is responsible for the clean-up of the remaining debris from the street following the court ordered 24 hour period.
  • Set-outs - when a landlord sets-out material from a tenant and it is more than three (3) bulk items, he then has 24 hours to remove it from the street.
  • Excessive bulk - when bulk set-outs exceed three (3) bulk items, a tag will be placed on the items, notifying property owners that he/she have 24 hours to remove the excess debris.
Following these 3 examples, Solid Waste Management shall make contact with the landlord or homeowner by either tagging the front door or by sending a first class notification letter giving notice of 24 hours to remove the items. After the 24 hours, Solid Waste Management will collect the items and issue a collection charge to the landlord, property manager or homeowner.